Omegon 1.25" premium Skylum filtrs

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Omegon 1.25
29.90 €

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Preces apraksts

Omegon 1.25" Skylum filter - the easy way to discover more on Mars and Jupiter

Would you like more detail and contrast when observing the Moon and planets? And that the object should still look natural? - then the Omegon Skylum filter is the 'star' in your eyepiece. It amplifies details in the red or blue parts of the spectrum - see the bands on Jupiter more vividly and make out more detail on Mars.


The advantages in a nutshell

  • stronger contrast with Jupiter and Mars - see how the red details stand out
  • deep sky objects - improved contrast with nebulae and galaxies
  • ideal for small telescopes - the image in the eyepiece is still bright and clear
  • 1.25" filter with filter thread
  • also suitable for astrophotography



An 'expert' for the entire night sky

You do not need to spend time considering which filter might be useful for your object. The Skylum filter is universal and is suitable for many astronomical objects. It turns the night sky background slightly darker and highlights blue and red colours. It will produce more vivid details, even in reddish nebulae. One has to say - it has a real 'sky glow' effect.

The filter increases contrast, but causes little attenuation. It is useful for observing the crescent phases of the Moon. It prevents blooming when observing bright planets. And what are the advantages for you? - in future, you will be able to observe these objects in even more detail.


Nullifies artificial light

Similar to a nebula filter, the Skylum filter only allows certain wavelengths to pass through, and reduces scattered light. In addition, it blocks the light of many street lamps - for example the spectral lines from ​​sodium vapour lamps. The light of the astronomical objects is therefore seen more intensely by the eye.


For small and large telescopes

The Skylum filter has high light transmission. This makes it ideal for visual observing with small or large telescopes. It will do a good job even with an 80mm telescope.


The 'nice' filter for star clusters and galaxies

Do the stars looking like glittering diamonds on black velvet? That would be nice. But from the city, the sky sometimes looks like a grey concrete wall. Bur you do not have to put up with this - put the Skylum filter into your eyepiece and to start enjoying star clusters and galaxies. Already the sky looks much darker and the objects clearly more beautiful.


Make more of your observing!

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