Pentax binoklis ZD 10x50 ED

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Pentax binoklis ZD 10x50 ED
1079.80 €

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Lūdzam ņemt vērā, ka ar šo kalkulatoru veiktajiem aprēķiniem ir informatīva nozīme. Ikmēneša maksājums var mainīties atkarībā no izvēlēetā līdzinga kompānijas piedāvājuma, procentu likmes izmaiņām un iesnieguma izskatīšanas.

Piegādes laiks no / līdz darbadienām: 4-7

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Pasūtot preces ar piegādi uz mājām vai pakomātiem Latvijā jāpieskaita 1 darba dienu.

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Preces apraksts
  • New fully multi-coated optics
  • New enhanced light transmission coatings
  • Phase correction
  • Protective lens coating
  • Waterproof, nitrogen-fi lled and unique hydrophobic coating
  • Hybrid aspherical lens element
  • ED element (extra-low dispersion glass)
  • Magnesium alloy construction

The Z-series is the flagship of the entire range, offering premium level quality and clarity, at a price that’s within reach. The Z-series models are clearly built for critical observation. The new Full Multi-Coating and a new Enhanced Light Transmission Coating are designed to delight the most demanding users and inspire the most dedicated enthusiasts. A hydrophobic, protective coating rounds off the outdoors applications.

This series is an all-rounder! Rough and tough with an exceptional image quality, edge-to-edge sharpness, unsurpassed brightness & clarity and a resolution that will impress – especially under twilight conditions. What more could you ask for? We built this serie to weather all weather! The strong body is protected with a solid, green rubber armouring – the binocular can easily be handled when wearing gloves. To assure all-time functionality we have added a hydrophobic coating on all to-air exposed lenses – rain, fog, snow or even your own breath will no longer trouble your viewing.

New Fully-multi-coated optics
Fully multi-coated lenses serve the essential purpose of maximizing the amount of light passing through a lens, thereby prevent flare and ghosting from interfering with your view. PENTAX applies multiple layers of coatings to every surface of every element and prism in the full Sport Optics line-up. These fully-multi-coated optics assure the maximum light transmission resulting in a clear, crisp view of the world.

New Enhanced Light Transmission Coatings
PENTAX binoculars take quality optics to the next level by applying a new, optimized film-deposition technology on lens and prism surfaces resulting in increased light transmission which creates bright images with accurate color rendition

Protective Lens Coating
All optical surfaces are delicate and must be handled with care to prevent scratching. To add to the durability of the Z- and S-series Water Proof binoculars*, PENTAX has added a protective, nano technology coating that helps deflect water, oil, dust and dirt. This allows PENTAX binoculars to withstand the harshest viewing conditions.

BaK4 prisms
Due to its outstanding refractive index, the BaK4 glass prism found in all PENTAX Sport Optics is highly acclaimed for its perfectly round exit pupil and clear, unvignetted image.

Phase Correction
The complex optical design of roof prism binoculars provide durable, compact, yet lightweight design but require a higher level of optical perfection. A phase-correction coating is applied in the full range of roof prism binoculars to maximize image viewing quality.

PENTAX Waterproofing
PENTAX waterproof products are fully sealed and purged with laboratory grade nitrogen to provide a fog proof view in the harshest weather conditions. With a JIS Class 6 rating, PENTAX waterproof binoculars can even be submerged in up to 3 feet of water.

Unique Hydrophobic Coating
Water droplets on a lens have a negative influence on the ability of light to enter the objective lens. By using a unique water repellent coating on all outer lenses we make water drops “bead” into small, deformed droplets. The deformed droplets cause less distortion and “slide” more easily off the lens. Your binocular remains fully functional even in rain, snow, fog or condensing breath.

Inner Focus Optics Design
This sophisticated optical design is critical to low-maintenance and long life guarantee. Exposure to airbourne particles and moisture is avoided, thereby ensuring that no outside influences can penetrate the housing and disrupt functionality.

Hybrid Aspherical lens elements
Edge-to-edge sharpness is a vital element to comfortable viewing. To achieve this, we utilise aspherical lens elements in our eyepieces. This is a specially shaped lens design that reduces aberration to a minimum. Hybrid-Aspherical lens elements have the additional advantage of superior functionality while being lightweight and compact.

ED-Objective lenses
To build superior binoculars the ultimate challenge is to avoid colour errors (Chromatic aberration). Several techniques are available but by far the best results can be achieved by using ED (extra low-dispersion) glass in the objective lens. ED-lenses have a high breaking index with minimal dispersion. The result is comparable to the use of Apochromatic lenses; but now only 2 lens elements are used. The advantage of this technology is clear; the binocular is lighter in weight and more compact.

Dielectric coating
Dielectric Coating of the prisms serves to enhance the colors of the image. Multiple layers of surface correction coatings are “vaporized” onto the surface of the prisms in a vacuum. This maximizes the quality of visible light in the color spectrum between infra-red and ultra-violet as it passes through the glass.

Nitrogen purged
Nitrogen is a chemical element and a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It contains very little humidity and is therefore used to “purge” binoculars and spotting scopes of the high humidity air that is part of our environment. Due to the low humidity factor, nitrogen prevents condensation from forming on the internal lenses of optical instruments during phases of rapid temperature change. Furthermore, because nitrogen is purged into the optical instrument at slightly above atmospheric pressure, dust and other miniscule particles are prevented from entering the housing.

Superb impact resistance
The body is made from magnesium, which adds toughness while keeping the binoculars light. In addition, the exterior rubber coating provides the binoculars with superb resistance to shocks and impacts.

Long eye relief design
The long eye relief offered in all PENTAX Sport Optics allows the viewer to see the entire field of view clearly and effortlessly. This is especially beneficial to eyeglass wearers, and allows viewing for extended periods of time without added eye strain.

Other Features
  • Helicoid four-stop eyepiece rings that permit fine adjustment for maximum viewing comfort.
  • Short minimum focusing distance for easy observation of nearby subjects.
  • Locking diopter adjuster guards against accidentally moving the diopter setting.
Prizmas tipsJumta prizma
Objektīva diametrs50 mm
Šķietamais redzeslauks
Redzeslauks pie 1000m87 m
FokusēšanaCentrālā fokusēšana
Minimālais fokusa attālums3,5 m
Krēslas faktors22,4
Izejas zīlīte5 mm
Acs attālums22 mm
Vispārīga info
Korpusa materiālsMagnija sakausējums
Aizsardzība pret apkārtējiem apstākļiem
Aizsardzība pret apkārtējās vides iedarbībuŪdensdrošs (līdz 1 m)
Augstums (mm)59
Platums (mm)170
Dziļums (mm)132
Svars (g)855
Iepakojumā ietilpstPārnēsāšanas siksna, Objektīvu vāciņi, Okulāru vāciņi, Pārnēsāšanas futrālis
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